Artec is the uncontested leader of school materials

Artec products can be found in kindergartens as well as in elementary, middle, and high schools across the nation, from as far west as Hawaii to the East Coast. In addition to schools, our goods can be found in science camps and after school programs across the nation.

Rooted in quality

Our products are the results of decades of research and development with the participation of educators, parents, scientists, and children from all over the world.

Technology Advocacy by Artec Educational

Artec’s focus is to provide “hands on” experience to all students. One of our beliefs has been, and will be, to assist in providing quality educational materials, thereby contributing to a healthy, productive, and educated society. Our state of the art products are an amalgamation of experience and knowledge, and we wish to pass this down to future generations.

Education is welcomed by all and always in demand

Let Artec assist you with educational toys, supplies, and products. In partnering with Artec Educational, you are sure to expand to target market and broaden your target audience. Our experience, expertise, and state of the art products are sure to bring much to you and your establishment.

Customer satisfaction is always sought by Artec.

We have multi-language client support in English, French, German,Spanish ,Japanese, Mandarin. Your concerns and inquiries are responded promptly by our customer service representatives. We also utilize state of the art facilities and equipment in making sure your goods arrive on time and in mint condition.